8 pcs of wide high capacity HFB progressive kilns from Heinola Sawmill Machinery to ULK sawmill in Kostylevo, Archangel region, Russia

Heinola Sawmill Machinery Inc. has delivered to the ULK sawmill in the Archangel region 8 pcs of high capacity HFB 2-zone progressive kilns, four of them for drying sideboards and four for planks. The total annual capacity is approx. 400.000 m3 when drying spruce and pine timber to the final moisture of 11 %. The drying kiln building is made of wide stainless steel elements. The channels are equipped with pressure frames and the newest HEINOLA Eco drying kiln control system. Transfer of the timber loads is done automatically with rail tracks and 8.2 m wide wagons. There can be two 4.1 m wide loads side by side and three one on the other.

The wide lifting doors are equipped with double fall protection. The effective radiators are equipped with triple freezing protection system. The temperature sensors, the grease pipes for the fan motors and the cylinders for the pressure frames have been placed in the attic. Besides, the exhaust fan’s motor is located outside the exhaust duct. The machinery will thus last longer and the service and maintenance activities are easy.

The drying kilns were delivered in two phases during the years 2016 and 2017. The four channels of the first phase are already in production and the other four are now in start-up phase. Heinola Sawmill Machinery Inc. is the only supplier in Finland concentrating on development of high-quality drying kiln technology. We have 15 experts in our wood drying team focusing only on development, planning and execution of the drying kiln projects. Measured both by the team’s total experience of over 100 years and the market share we are the largest supplier.

Our product range includes drying technologies and their automations with safety solutions. Additionally, we have a century-long tradition in chipper manufacturing, making us one of the leading chipper suppliers in Europe.


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