Meet our new automation designer: Badr Laouini

A new employee, Badr Laouini, joined Heinola Sawmill Machinery at the beginning of August. ”Bade” will strengthen Heinola’s automation team and already has a long, diverse track record in automation. This blog introduces Bade in a bit more detail, so it’s best to let him speak for himself.


“I was born 27 years ago in Tampere, where I also went to school. Nowadays, I live with my family in Kangasala. I studied and completed my thesis project to graduate as an automation engineer from Tampere University of Applied Sciences TAMK.


Alongside studies, I’ve been in working life for a long time now and have done automation design at AFRY: automation design, logistics programming and interfaces. I’m also familiar with industrial automation in many different sectors.


“It’s not enough for us that our software works, we want it to work excellently.”


I came to Heinola to do much the same work. The difference is that here I get a chance to make Heinola’s own software and to develop new, better versions of existing software. We constantly consider how we could make the software even better to benefit our customers. It’s not enough for us that our software works, we want it to work excellently. I also help our customers if they need to get something to work better on their software side. I study how this can be done.”


“Heinola’s expertise in the world of drying kiln solutions is very interesting.”


Positive first impression of new workplace

”Although I’ve only been in my new job for just over a month, the company already seems familiar and above all welcoming. People are really nice and everyone is ready to help in new things. It doesn’t really make a difference who you ask, you always get help. I get the impression that Heinola’s people are very good at their jobs.”


“Heinola’s expertise, the world of drying kiln solutions, is very interesting. So far I’ve only scraped the surface and want to learn everything possible about drying kilns. Hopefully, I will have a long career in Heinola’s service. Besides operations in Finland, I can also help Heinola internationally. I have French and Arabic as my mother tongues and also speak English.”


Football and friends when not working

”Besides work, I like to be active. I play football a couple of times a week and work out in the gym whenever I have the time and energy. When not working, I also like to spend time with family and friends. Life is suitably busy at the moment and I’m really pleased with my job at Heinola. And greetings to customers: please feel free to get in touch!


Badr-Eddin Laouini
Automation Engineer
+358 44 732 3836 +358 3 848 411

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