Big order again from Swedish furniture manufacturer’s production plant to HEINOLA

Swedish furniture manufacturer’s production plant in Stalowa Wola, Poland has ordered two large automatic 2-zone Progressive Kilns type HFB from Heinola Sawmill Machinery Inc. with annual capacity of ca. 55 000 m3 when drying 50 mm pine to 9 % final moisture content. Last delivery of two similar kilns to the same plant were in the year 2015. The customer was very satisfied with HEINOLA´s drying capacity, drying quality and technical support and service. Furthermore HEINOLA Eco Control System with special features and it´s user-friendliness were deciding factors in their selection of a drying kiln supplier.

Heinola has earlier delivered to furnituremanufacture’s sawmill in Wielbark five Chamber Kilns and three large Chamber Kilns to Chociwell plant. The new Progressive Kilns will be taken into production in the beginning of year 2019.

Heinola Sawmill Machinery Inc. expresses its thanks for their confidence to us!

Our product range includes drying technologies and their automations with safety solutions. Additionally, we have a century-long tradition in chipper manufacturing, making us one of the leading chipper suppliers in Europe.


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