Dry sorting and packaging plant from Heinola Sawmill Machinery to ULK Sawmill in Kostylevo, Archangel region, Russia

ULK ordered a high-capacity dry sorting and packaging plant from HEINOLA to their new sawmill in Kostylevo, Archangel region, Russia. This plant delivery is a part of the ULK’s new investments for increasing the sawmill capacity. The mechanical parts were manufactured during the year 2017, and the installations began in the autumn.

The sorting plant is equipped with an additional hoist, cutting equipment making stepless trimming possible, a FinScan camera scanner and 50 pcs of vertical bins. The plant capacity is 160 pcs/min.

The packaging plant is equipped with a step feeder, an unscrambler and a continuous stacking mechanism with double stacking equipment and package hoists. The pieces travel steplessly as a mat straight to the stacker. The laths are inserted into the package automatically according to the package width. Binding is done according to the package length. The ready-made packages are then covered and rebound.

At the time of writing, commissioning of the plant is going on. The plant was installed by the local mechanics under the guidance of HEINOLA. Co-operation between the different cultures worked very well despite of the language barrier. The Russian staff did a great job.

The automation system for this plant was delivered by our Russian partner Avtomatika Vektor. The Russians have shown convincing expertise in handling of the sorting plant functions. These important functions of the plant have been carried out by the local forces, and the client can be served locally in the Russian language also in future.

The inauguration ceremony was held in March 9th this year. The event was also noticed by the high-level officials: among the participants there were the governor of the region, ministers from Moscow and other decision-makers involved in this project. The ceremony began in the local ice arena built by the sawmill owner followed by a friendly ice-hockey game between the then Soviet top ice-hockey players and the women’s national team strengthened by the sawmill’s players. The old “red machine” was still going strong and they won the game, but only just. As a whole the ceremony was very impressive.

The plants continue their everyday work for the client’s successful future.

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