HEINOLA takes major order from Russia

Just before Christmas Heinola Sawmill Machinery Inc. signed a delivery agreement worth approximately seven million euros for a lumber sorting and packaging plant and progressive kilns with a sawmill located in the Archangel area in Russia.

“This order is intended to supplement the progressive kilns delivered to the same customer earlier in 2016. This is a major order, and its size makes it significant in terms of turnover,” explains Managing Director Kari Kiiskinen from Heinola. “We are pleased with the trust demonstrated by the customer in choosing us for these orders.”

This dry lumber sorting plant will be equipped with quality sorting equipment that operates based on automatic camera sorting. Cutting will be carried out with cut-off saws that facilitate stepless cutting sizes, and the lumber will be sorted into 50 sorting bins. The plant will be capable of sorting up to 180 pieces/minute, allowing it to process a total of approximately 400,000 m3 of lumber per year. The sorting plant and four new progressive kilns will be delivered to the customer in spring and early summer 2017.

In 2016 Heinola also delivered a number of drying kilns, with a combined capacity of over a million cubic metres of lumber. An ever-growing number of sawmills in Russia and the Nordic and Baltic countries have chosen Heinola’s drying kilns and drying kiln automation technology, into which the Finnish-designed Laatukamari Opti® Drying Kiln Simulator has been integrated. We are the only supplier on the market with an integrated simulator included in our drying kiln automation technology. “The control system is particularly user friendly and the drying kiln equipment and structures are finished to a high standard. Furthermore, we also offer a local support service,” adds Kiiskinen.

HEINOLA is authorised to use the Key Flag symbol of the Association for Finnish Work on its products – signifying that they are of high quality and made in Finland. “We are the only drying kiln supplier on the market with the right to use this symbol.

Heinola Sawmill Machinery Inc. is also the only supplier focused on the development of high-quality drying technology. Our drying kiln team features 15 industry professionals who focus solely on developing, designing and realising drying technology. Our team have combined experience of 100 years, and in terms of market share we are Finland’s biggest supplier,” adds Kiiskinen.

In the first half of 2016 Heinola manufactured a total of 15 fully-automated progressive kilns and 16 chamber kilns.

“This comes to a total of 31 drying kiln units, with an annual capacity of one million cubic metres ordered during 2016,” summarises Kiiskinen.

Our product range includes drying technologies and their automations with safety solutions. Additionally, we have a century-long tradition in chipper manufacturing, making us one of the leading chipper suppliers in Europe.


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