NLK Sodruzhestvo, Nebolchi in Russia, HEINOLA Scala 100 sawline into production

During the autumn 2017 Heinola Sawmill Machinery manufactured a HEINOLA Scala 100 sawline for a client in Nebolchi, Novgorod Oblast. After a short trial run in Heinola, the client delivered the machinery across the border in December 2017. The installation was mainly carried out by the Russian installation staff led by the supervisor working on HEINOLA’s behalf.

This new line replaced the old one in the existing sawmill hall. The sawline is now almost ready for production, for the work is has been designed and bought for – to saw Karelian softwood with high yield mainly for export. To start with, the purchaser NLK Sodruzhestvo will produce about 100 000 m3 of sawn timber.

We have equipped the line with few new solutions which we are launching here. The most significant one is naturally the affordable HEINOLA Scala 100 line with merry go round equipped with a chipper canter, a double-arbor sawing unit and profiling units. For the sake of profitability, optimization of four boards with high yield at both phases straight on the sawline is necessary in this kind of sawline. It has been installed in a small space but not at the cost of technic and yield.

Another significant factor in this project is that the scanners, electrification and automation has been made by the Russian company Avtomatika Vektor, under HEINOLA’s guide.

By placing Russian scanning technology to the key points on the line – scanning and optimization of logs, cants and side boards – we wanted to give our client a possibility to deal with these issues in the local language with the local supplier. The tests for these will be carried out in the short run and we’ll tell more about our success in these in future.

Such a wide co-operation with the local resources and knowhow has been a major effort to us. The different cultures and languages have met several times around the same table to ensure successful result: high technology and local services to the client for running this new line.

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