Sawline delivery from Heinola to Japan

After a close international competition, Matsumoto Lumber located in Kyūshū island in Arao ordered a full-profiling sawline from Heinola Sawmill Machinery for their new sawmill. Log sorting and debarking are supplied by a Japanese manufacturer, as well as the lumber handling equipment.

Matsumoto Lumber uses local Sugi trees as its raw material. The sawn timber is sold to the Japanese construction material markets. The by-products are used by the pulp and energy industries. This new sawmill will saw two log lengths: 3.1 and 4.1 m with top diameters of 150 – 350 mm. The smaller and bigger logs are sawn by the existing Japanese machinery.

The sawline is a full-profiling line, equipped with the HEINOLA automation system and the Siemens PLC control. There are two HEINOLA chipper canters and four HEINOLA profiling units. The profiling units cut 1+1 or 2+2 side boards from a log or a cant by using skew edging. The actual primary and secondary breakdown are carried out with HEINOLA saw units which utilize the new HEINOLA Syncro Cutting System. In this solution both shafts of the double arbor saw are installed on top of one another in the same line. This enables active curve sawing and better yield of always a somewhat curve log. The sawline’s log and cant scanning with sawing pattern and side board optimization is delivered by our partner Lisker Oy in Vääksy, Finland.

Heinola Sawmill Machinery Inc. has delivered sawlines and other sawmill equipment to Japan for already thirty years. These export activities are now proceeding as we are now, together with our Japanese partner, building this new type of full-profiling sawline for a Japanese customer. The design work is already well on its way, and manufacturing both in Heinola and at our partners’ workshops has started. The machinery from Heinola to Japan will be delivered in the early summer, and the installation and commissioning will happen during the next autumn.

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