Seven sawmill groups have chosen HEINOLA drying kilns in the first half of 2016 – adding a total of 31 drying kiln unit to the order book and drying capacity of over one million m3/annum!

An ever-growing number of sawmills in Russia and the Nordic and Baltic countries have chosen HEINOLA´s drying kilns and advanced HEINOLA drying kiln automation technology, into which the Laatukamari Opti® Drying Kiln Simulator can be integrated, which optimizes transfer of the inner moisture for the pieces to be dried as well as their shrinkage and drying tensions.

In the first half of 2016 announcements of forthcoming investments in HEINOLA drying kilns were made by Finnish wood processing industry companies ER-Saha Oy, JPJ-Wood Oy, UPM Timber (Kaukas sawmill), and Keitele Timber (Kemijärvi sawmill), as well as the Swedish Karl Hedin Group (Toftan sawmill), Swedish Moelven Notnäs AB, and ULK Sawmill in Arkangelsk, Russia.

According to the customers, HEINOLA’sdrying kilns provide consistent high quality, the control system is particularly user-friendly, and
HEINOLA´s drying kiln equipment and structures are of excellent quality. Furthermore, we are seen as a reliable supplier, offering good support services close to customersfacilities. During 50 years of complex deliveries in sawmills HEINOLA has a unique knowledge of sawmill business. Sometimes HEINOLA delivers turnkey complete sawmills. This knowledge makes HEINOLA a very safe choice for customers.

The orders placed in the first half of 2016 comprise nine (9) fully-automated 2-stage HFB progressive kilns and six (6) fully-automated 2-stage HTC progressive kilns. Additionally, on the chamber kilns front, our order book features a total of six (6) drive-through HCHD chamber kilns with carts, six (6) drive-through HCHD chamber kilns with roller tracks, and four (4) forklift loaded HCH Chamber kilns. All this comes to a total of 31 drying kiln units and drying capacity over one million m3 per annum ordered during the first half of the year!

Heinola Sawmill Machinery Inc. would like to thank our customers for their confidence in us; we intend to continue our long-term focus on ensuring proper drying quality.

Our product range includes drying technologies and their automations with safety solutions. Additionally, we have a century-long tradition in chipper manufacturing, making us one of the leading chipper suppliers in Europe.


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