Drying Kilns

HEINOLA’s drying kiln solutions are based on decades of experience of the demanding timber drying production conditions in the Nordic sawmill industry.

This experience and expertise ensures that our customers are able to receive individual drying kiln solutions tailored to the needs of each sawmill. Each solution is chosen based on the needs of the customer, their capacity and quality. The possibility of future expansion is always taken into account when designing the solution.

Due to the HEINOLA drying kiln automation and control system the drying kiln is easy to operate. Creating default settings and using the control system is similar to the Windows operating system, where windows can be chosen from a drop-down menu.


Forklift-loaded chamber kilns are designed for drying small packages regardless of dimensions, timber species and required moisture content. State-of-the art automation ensures a fully-controlled drying process and the required end result. Kiln cart-loaded chamber kilns offer shorter loading/unloading time which improves the kiln’s utilization rate. The shelter on both sides of the kiln can be used as a temporary storage space. There are three types of HEINOLA HCH chamber kilns available: forklift-loaded chamber kiln, drive-through chamber kiln and E-cart-loaded chamber kiln.


Two-zone continuous progressive kiln is best suited for large-scale production. Best results are achieved when drying one dimension and tree species continually to the same end moisture content. Loading and unloading can be automated. There are three types of HEINOLA progressive kilns avaialable: HTC progressive kiln, HFB progressive kiln and Hybrid kiln™.


HEINOLA drying kiln automation can be remote controlled via the factory network. HEINOLA progressive kilns have an automatic start-up function and can be programmed to change the lumber dimensions to be dried.

The drying schemes of the chamber kilns allow fan speeds to be changed, as well as the intervals for changing the air flow direction in accordance with the scheme. The chamber kiln automation system can also be equipped with a Drying Kiln Simulator.

Electrical and thermal energy are measured in real time at both stages in progressive kilns, which makes it easier to monitor the drying process and costs. Conveyors can be remotely controlled, e.g. from forklift trucks. Conveyors and kiln doors can be operated in a controlled way thanks to the frequency converters.

The load widths are checked using photocells which prevent loads which are too wide or from moving forward.


Marko Kaukonen
Product Manager
Drying Kilns
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