“Several decades of expertise in sawmill production processes combined into creative solutions, guarantees a skilled service to customers of Heinola Sawmill Machinery Inc’s – from single machines to complete plants.

HEINOLA delivers customer-oriented, reliable and cost-effective solutions to sawmills. The delivery programme includes all the main processing requirements, with the necessary auxiliary equipment, delivered as a total turnkey solution if desired.”

Jan Räsänen, Managing Director



These are our common values that define our objectives. They are the principles according to which we operate and which guide our choices. These values characterise the inner determination of our working community.

  • Expertise
  • Continuous development
  • Openness
  • Reliability
  • Internationality
  • High level of business ethics



Lifco AB is a listed group of companies with Carl Bennet, a Swedish industrialist, as a main owner. The group includes approximately 140 companies in 28 countries, employing a total of around 5,000 people and with an annual turnover of more than €1B. Find out more at www.lifco.se 




The first framesaws delivered by Ahlström in Karhula



Framesaws dominate



Plan-Sell Oy engineering works was established in Heinola



In addition to domestic deliveries eg over 100 sticker-stackers and over 30 drysorters to the then USSR


the 1980’s

Optimizing edgers become more common in the Finnish sawmills. Plan-Sell and Ahlström united in sawmill machinery business. Valmet’s lumber handling business and Bioneer’s chipper business were acquired.


the 1990’s

Several new saw lines to the Finnish sawmills at the beginning of the decade. 1995 Troponor, later on Sorb Industri Ab acquired the company. Late 1990’s market share of almost 100 % in sawmill chippers at the end of the decade.


the 2000’s

Considerable plant deliveries to Russia, numerous plant modernisations in Finland; energy chippers playing a more significant role.


the 2010’s

Considerable plant deliveries for export, especially to Russia. Numerous plant modernisations continue in Finland.


the 2020’s

Leading operator always, now and in the future.

Jan Räsänen
Managing Director
+358 44 732 3813

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