2022 was an eventful, busy year for Heinola Sawmill Machinery

Challenges in the availability of electronic components, long delivery times and rapidly rising inflation characterised 2022. A shortage of skilled labour and the war in Ukraine, with all its indirect implications, have hampered operations across the industry.

Despite the challenges in our operating environment, we have adjusted and come through this exceptional situation. The challenges we have experienced over the past year have taught our organisation to be agile in adapting to various changes in the operating environment.


“Our expertise as a supplier of complex drying kiln projects has strengthened.”


We have been able to work with customers quite normally in what is a challenging environment that is difficult to predict. The completion of the most extensive drying kiln project in our history for Metsä Fibre’s state-of-the-art sawmill in Rauma and the drying kiln project for Södra’s sawmill in Värö, the largest in Sweden, are strong testimony to our ability to reliably deliver effective, modern drying kiln solutions to schedule for high-calibre operating environments.


Future looks bright

The war in Ukraine and the ensuing energy crisis will continue to affect the beginning of 2023. It seems rising inflation will not ease in the near future and both the shortage of components and the availability of skilled labour will continue also in 2023.

Prolonged labour market negotiations could bring uncertainty to the operating environment during the first half of the year. Despite all these factors of uncertainty, the long-term outlook seems positive for the mechanical forest industry.

The favourable trend in the industry will have a positive impact on the continuation of investments going forward – provided, however, that the competitiveness of the industry and predictable operating environment are taken care of in the future.


“We strongly trust in the three pillars of our strategy.”


We at Heinola strongly trust our chosen strategy to be a specialist in drying kilns and chippers. Besides this, we will continue to heavily invest in HEINOLA Service’s maintenance and spare parts services. Increased demand for Finnish energy wood has meant growth for our industrial and bio chipper business. Likewise HEINOLA Service’s net sales have been at a good level over the past year. The future also looks bright for Heinola in 2023.


Thank you for the past year!

Jan Räsänen

Managing Director
+358 44 732 3813


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