Future looks bright for sawmill industry and Heinola Sawmill Machinery

The sawmill markets are currently enjoying an upswing, which is reflected in investments in the industry. The future for the Finnish sawmill industry looks bright. Besides strong sawmill traditions and know-how, our strengths in Finland include expertise and understanding in responsibility and environmental matters, which will become increasingly important in this industry as well.

For the same reasons, the future looks good also for Heinola Sawmill Machinery. Good demand for timber in tandem with healthy prices on the timber market have triggered a number of investment and maintenance projects where our expertise has been in demand.

“Future looking bright for Heinola Sawmill Machinery.”

Heinola’s turnover last year increased to €20.5 million and the company posted a positive result. The efficiency measures initiated in 2020 are now reflected in the form of a leaner cost structure, greater competitiveness and improved profitability in a business sensitive to business cycles and seasonality.

Major projects underway

Heinola is currently heavily involved in Metsä Fibre’s pine sawmill project in Rauma, which when completed will be the largest and most modern single-line sawmill in Finland. Heinola is supplying a total of 22 drying kilns to Rauma. All load transfers in the drying kiln area will be fully automatic and top-quality drying technology will ensure top-quality products.

Besides Finland’s largest sawmill, we also secured an order from Södra’s sawmill in Värö, which is the largest sawmill in Sweden. The drying kilns supplied to Södra are of the HTC type, automatic two-zone, continuous progressive kilns. This is already the second order from Södra, which is testimony to the satisfaction with and confidence in our expertise.

“We want to be global leader in the drying kiln business.”

Both the projects mentioned above give us an enormous boost to our experience in the drying kiln business, where our ambition to be global leader.

Towards the future, on our own strengths

Drying kilns are the core of our business now and going forward. We continue to focus strongly on drying kilns, industrial chippers and the spare parts business. We offer our customers a modern, Finnish alternative.

We look with confidence to the future and continue our dedicated work as a reliable, expert supplier of drying kilns for the benefit of our customers.

Jan Räsänen
Managing Director, Heinola Sawmill Machinery Inc

Our product range includes drying technologies and their automations with safety solutions. Additionally, we have a century-long tradition in chipper manufacturing, making us one of the leading chipper suppliers in Europe.


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