Special features of HEINOLA drying kilns

We specialise in the design and manufacture of drying kilns in the sawmill industry. Focusing specifically on drying kilns enables our strategic goal of being an industry specialist who is able to be at the forefront at the forefront of development and show the direction to others. I compiled some of our special features into this blog.

Drying kilns and outdoor buildings are part of our total delivery. The stainless steel part of the kiln comprises wide self-supporting elements, which save installation time and allow for an airtight structure. Stainless steel is austentic-ferritic (duplex) grade EN 1.4307, which well withstands aggressive kilning air.


“Our drying kilns contain many features that save both energy and money, and increase safety.”

Our drying kilns contain many features that save both energy and money, and increase safety. The plate thickness of the heat coils is 0.4 mm and they can be cleaned using a high-pressure washer. Besides this, the coils also come with freezing protection. The exhaust fan engine is located outside the exhaust duct in the drying kiln loft. This makes it easy to service and prolongs its life. The air circulation fan element is a welded, robust, resistant structure that withstands and eliminates vibrations. The dual-fall protection of our vertical kiln doors provides added safety when moving under them.

All servicing and maintenance operations – pressure frame cylinders, wet sensor basins, fan motor greasing, bleeding heat coils – can be carried out via the drying kiln loft. Measurement of heating and electrical energy is part of our standard delivery and can also be monitored remotely in the user interface.


Drying kiln automation is constantly developing

Fully automated drying kilns have already been reached in recent kiln projects. We supplied the first fully automated drying kiln facility for Metsä Fibre’s new sawmill in Rauma. Safety is also an inherent element in full automation. Automation can even completely eliminate human presence in drying kiln premises. HEINOLA drying kiln automation has been designed to be user friendly and comes equipped with comprehensive safety features.


Sweden is renowned for its particularly strict safety criteria in the sawmill industry. This is why it is important that our drying kiln automation has been approved for use in the production facilities of a Swedish furniture maker and in Sweden’s largest sawmill, for example.


“HEINOLA drying kiln automation features an integrated load map system.”


HEINOLA drying kiln automation features integrated advanced lumber simulation tools, for both chamber and progressive drying kilns, which can be used to optimise the transfer of the moisture, shrinkage and drying stress of the wood being kilned.

HEINOLA drying kiln automation also features an integrated load map system, which includes load-specific product information, the drying formula and the time the wood is ready to come out of the kiln.


Drying kilns are the core and pride of our business. We are constantly improving our drying kiln technology in response to even stricter criteria. We’ll be happy to tell you more about how we see the industry developing, so don’t hesitate to contact us.


Marko Kaukonen
Product Manager
Drying Kilns
+358 44 2313 405

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